Write a Perfect SEO Article 100% White Hat

Perfect SEO Article

1. First choose a keyword

[quote]in this article i used  ” Perfect SEO Article ” as my keyword[/quote]

make sure that your keyword is different from your domain name.

[quote]Since the Google Penguin update the keywords must be different from the domain names. Otherwise, You will be banned soon from search results.[/quote]

2. Use your Keyword in title

3. Title length shouldn’t be shorter than 10 or longer than 70 chars.

4. Keyword density in TITLE is very important

[quote]Keyword Density is a ratio between how many times you use the keyword, compared to how many words you use overall. The optimum density for keywords in the title is between 10 and 80. Try to use keywords no more than 2 times in the title

notice how my title has a few more words different from my keyword.[/quote]

5. Make sure the Title is different from your domain name

[quote]Since the Google Penguin update the title must be different from the domain names.Otherwise, You may get  banned soon.[/quote]

6. Use your keyword in the content at least once.

7. Use your keyword in the first sentence

[quote]Notice how i have my title again right at the beginning of the post  it has H2 tag[/quote]

8. Make your content at least  80 words or more.

9. Try to keep Your keyword density in the whole article  at  least to 1 keyword per 5 other words.

[quote]in this article my keyword is :  ” Perfect SEO Article ” remember that’s not three keywords , thats one keyword *[/quote]

10. Bold important keywords

[quote]Bolding your keywords will help search engines figure out what your content is about and what topic you cover[/quote]

11. Use your Keyword in H2-H6 

[quote]The keywords should be used in headings like H2, H3, H4, H4. Try NOT to use them all, for it will seem to be a SEO abuse

i used only H2 and H3  in this post.[/quote]

11. Use image(s) in content

[quote]Articles need to be optimized for human beings as well, so you should place an image at the beginning of your article.[/quote]

12. Use keyword in the image’s alt tag

[quote]On my top image i used my keyword as alt tag ” Perfect SEO Article “ [/quote]

and that’s how u get 100 % pure white hat optimized article.

 Perfect SEO Article 

[quote]Here i used my keyword again as H3 tag just to keep the keyword density ratio as it should be [/quote]

Give it a try and you will be surprised with your search engine rankings !!!

EDIT : 9 hours after publishing this post i rank as number 9. in Google search for my used keyword from about 34,500,000 results.


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