WordPress Site administration Service

If you would like to know why do you need this service please read this article >> WordPress Site Administration Service, Why do you need it?

During the duration of the WordPress Site Administration service the following tasks will be performed on regular basis with a complete End of the month report in the PDF format.

Website Care Service

  1. Installation and setup of the  BackupBuddy plugin ✔️
  2. Exploit checkup of the theme/plugins files. ✔️
  3. Performance Checks. ✔️
  4. Updating themes/plugins. ✔️
  5. Optimizing Database. ✔️
  6. Optimizing Revisions. ✔️
  7. Removal & Prevention of  spam. ✔️
  8. Installation of custom plugins where and if needed. ✔️
  9. Google Analytics Report ✔️

Not only that your website will be up to date and fully backed up but we will also take care of optimizing your databases making everything run fast and smooth.

Now lets go over one by one and explain the above services.

1. BackupBuddy Plugin + Secondary backup solution.

One of the best plugins available for full or partial backups. It allows us to have one-click solution to restoring your website in case anything goes wrong. Great thing about this particular plugin is that we can have your backups safely stored locally (on the server) and send the backups to remote destinations and cloud services such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google drive and others. We also make secondary one-time monthly full backups!


2. Exploit checkup of the theme/plugins files.

Before we even start backing up and protecting your website we need to make sure that it is already clean and malware/exploit free. We will fully scan and fix any issues found on your website. Once all good to go, we will scan your website every month and include this in the end of the month report.

Here is an example of the vulnerabilities that we deal with on regular basis.

As you can see here, we are checking all the plugins against the know threats and as we discover any we act on removing/fixing it.

This particular one was one of the big threats as it allows cross site scripting using the exploit in WPML plugin, in simple words this website could be hacked.

Read more about the exploit here >> WPML 2.9.3-3.2.6 – Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in Accept-Language Header

Important notice is that the plugin might not be dangerous at the time of the scan but will at some point become obsolete and that is why we need to monitor them all and keep them updated and as fresh as possible!

3. Performance Checks.

We will check your website for performance using the services such as PageSpeed insights and  YSlow and keep you informed if there is something to improve or worry about! it is well known that you can benefit from your website more if its loading fast and if it has clean code.

4. Updating themes/plugins.

As mentioned above it is crucial to keep all of our plugins up to date or they might be found to have exploits. The older the version of the plugin is, bigger the risk.

5. Optimizing Database.

Keeping the database small and optimized is a very good practice. Unfortunately not many people are doing that. Every time we make a change to a post or a page we need to optimize the database to keep it clean. Think of it as brushing your teeth after meal.

6. Optimizing Revisions.

As with database optimization it is also a good practice to remove the revisions of our posts and pages. Every time we make a change to a post or page WordPress saves an old copy of it in the database. It might sound like a good practice but if they add up they can take an enormous space in your database.

Either we remove them all or just keep them to a minimum.

7. Removal & Prevention of  spam

If you have your WordPress comments open for the public there is no doubt that you will get a lot of spam. Manually checking those can be very time consuming. We can implement some of the best techniques for killing spam and keep your comments clean and to the point only!

8. Installation of custom plugins & coding where and if needed.

As  mentioned above, sometimes we do need plugins to solve some or all of our problems. After detailed analysis of your website we will suggest the best solutions to eliminate them. If there is a plugin for what we need than we will happily use it and choose the best one for you. We keep in mind that too many plugins can be counter productive and can slow the website down and that is why we choose only the lightweight & trusted plugins. In some cases we will turn to coding solution and create a custom function for your needs. Depending on the problem most of those tweaks are included in the monthly price. It sounds to good to be true? Well, try us out 🙂

9. Google Analytics Report

If you have google analytics Set up already we will be happy to link it to our System and provide monthly light type reports. Some of the metrics include: Referrers, Site sessions, Page views, Pages per session and others.


WordPress Site administration Service pricing

Everything mentioned above is just a part of what we provide in our monthly service package.

All the images used in the text are actually screenshots of the end of the month report that we send to all of our clients.

The standard pricing for WordPress Site Administration Service is 15$ per month and it is paid in front and on month to month basis. Use the contact form to contact me and even schedule a Free one on one Skype session. I speak English, Greek and Serbian.