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WordPress site administration service – Why do you need it?

As web developer and designer i have developed hundreds of websites over the past few years. One of the services that i offer as bundle in my web design proposals is the  WordPress Site Administration Service . Not many clients understand what i mean by that.

The first response to my proposal that i usually get is this:”hey i see that you have included a 15$ monthly fee in the proposal, what is that about?”

Before explaining what i actually provide for those 15 dollars i rarely get the positive response to the service, almost never lol.

This is what the responses usually sum up to:

  1. WordPress is CMS and to what i understand, I will be able to change the content and update everything on my own?
  2. I think that i don’t need to pay 15$ to have you “overlook” my website, didn’t you mention that the website is 100% secure?
  3. We already have a webmaster ( they mean the hosting company) and they will deal with any problems that we have, they are available 24/7. Why should i use you instead?

My clients are 100% right in stating those things but the devil is in the details. Ill try to answer the above questions one by one.

1. WordPress is CMS and to what i understand, I will be able to change the content and update everything on my own.

That is absolutely correct, however, when it comes to updating the plugins and themes it takes a little bit more than clicking the update button.

Depending on your theme, WordPress version and plugins combined, updating one of those three can create a conflict with the other two mentioned. As a result you would get a white screen of death which sounds scary but it is in fact just a blank white screen and that is EVERYTHING you will ever see on your website unless you fix it.

Now if you are a web developer yourself ( or you have a webmaster 😛 ) you could fix this in 5 minutes. But if you don’t have the knowledge or someone that does,  you could be stack like that until you pay someone to fix it for you. Pricing can be anywhere from 20-100$ just to fix what you have done by a simple click. Another thing that can happen is that the functionality of your website can be compromised. In simple words your website cool slider or a call to action will just stop working.

So the answer to this question would be: Yes, you would be able to change the content and update it yourself but sometimes that is simply not enough to keep it safe without braking it!

2. I think that i don’t need to pay 15$ to have you “overlook” my website, didn’t you mention that the website is 100% secure?

WordPress is one of the best and most used Content Managament Systems and it does allow you to change your content, add images and maintain it fresh content wise. What the people don’t know ( and honestly why should they) is that as any other software, WordPress is constantly evolving. there are many reasons for that, not only the new updates are improving the user-friendliness and adding some cool extra features with each update but they are also patching the SECURITY issues!

Now that’s where it gets interesting. WordPress as it is, is quite secure comparing to any other CMS out there, now the problem is in various themes and plugins.

Themes and plugins (add-ons) are used as tools to achieve the visual looks and the functionality of your website. If you don’t keep those updated you are just waiting in line to get hacked by a roaming bot on the internet. Some people are having a very common thought when i mention the hack part to them. They simply ask me “who would hack me and why?” and that completely makes sense but… being hacked has nothing to do with YOU in particular, hacking is done by auto-scripting and bots. Meaning that everyone with an exploit or a hole in their website will get hacked eventually, no matter what kind of person they are  🙂

Let me just give you a real example. I love the plugin called Revolution slider and i use it in almost every project (me and millions of others, just to be clear about it). Some time ago  Revo has been compromised and all the versions prior to 4.2 were found to have a weakness. Simply put, if you have a revolution slider on your website that is lower than 4.2 version you are waiting in line to be hacked.

Read more in this article by sucuri: Slider Revolution Plugin Critical Vulnerability Being Exploited and prevent the disaster please.

So the answer to this question would be: Yes it is 100% secure at the time of development but it will not be if you just leave it like that.

3.We already have a webmaster ( they mean the hosting company) and they will deal with any problems that we have, they are available 24/7.

Hey that is awesome, unless it’s not!

Every serious web hosting company does provide 24/7 support. Some of them have great experts and others have just generic answering bot-like people making you feel stupid for even talking to them. Be that as it may, they will try to help you out or at least act like they care 😛

Now the real problem is this. Hosting support will not fix your problems, the best they can and will do is revert your hacked website to a previous state. As a result you have a working website just waiting to be hacked again in the same exact way it was hacked before they simply used one of your backup files. Wink Wink. 😉

So the answer to this question would be: you should use me as i am an expert with dealing with WordPress problems. So instead of just reverting your website to how it was before i would actually fix it and prevent the same thing from happening over and over again!

So to make the long story short, you do need someone to overlook your website, keep everything up to date and eliminate the threats as they appear.

You can see the Site Administration Service that I offer by clicking on the link >>> Site administration service

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