[quote]Are you new to Web Development ?[/quote]

Web Development for Beginners

If u are new to Web development  and you want to learn and practice there is a great place for that.


Its called w3schools – web development for beginners

W3Schools is optimized for learning, testing, and training.

Features :


Learn HTML, Learn HTML5, Learn CSS, Learn CSS3


Learn JavaScript, Learn HTML DOM, Learn jQuery, Learn AJAX, Learn JSON, Learn Google Maps

Server Side

Learn PHP, Learn SQL, Learn ASP, Learn ADO, Learn VBScript


Learn ASP.NET, Learn Web Pages, Learn Razor, Learn MVC, Learn Web Forms

XML Tutorials

Learn XML, Learn DTD, Learn XML DOM, Learn XSLT, Learn XPath, Learn XQuery, Learn XLink, Learn XPointer, Learn Schema, Learn XSL-FO, Learn SVG

Web Services

Learn Web Services, Learn WSDL, Learn SOAP, Learn RSS, Learn RDF

Web Building

Web Building, Web Browsers, Web Certification, Web Hosting, Web TCP/IP, Web W3C, Web Quality

Try it Yourself Editor

With  “Try it Yourself” editor you can experiment with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, and see the result in your browser. Pretty cool isnt it !?

and my favorite of all time is in web development for beginners is Examples

with a bunch of examples that u can mess around with.

I’ve spent months on that site so here is the link for you :




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Nikola Petrovic

Hi there. My name is Nikola,
I speak English, Greek and Serbian.
As a Web Producer i can deal with almost anything web design & development related.
As a freelancer, I charge only a small portion of the money you would pay to agencies to create your website. Affordable web design doesn’t mean that it will lack any of the advanced features of today’s web technology. We just cut out the cost of the middle man.
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