Run any software in a browser – Mainframe2

Run any software in a browser - Mainframe 2


MAINFRAME2 is the best way to run applications in the cloud and to deliver them to users anywhere.

Who needs it?

Software vendors, enterprises, and end users transitioning to the post-PC era.


Because bringing non-web applications to the cloud is a painstaking process. We make it easy.

Run any software in a browser

It’s never been easier to run any software right in your browser.

Try it out live HERE and sign up for beta !

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Nikola Petrovic
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Nikola Petrovic

Hi there. My name is Nikola,
I speak English, Greek and Serbian.
As a Web Producer i can deal with almost anything web design & development related.
As a freelancer, I charge only a small portion of the money you would pay to agencies to create your website. Affordable web design doesn’t mean that it will lack any of the advanced features of today’s web technology. We just cut out the cost of the middle man.
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Nikola Petrovic
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