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Remove links from comments – Free WordPress plugin

This simple Plugin removes the website field in your comments and also hides all the hyperlinks from comment author user names.

Why is this plugin important?

Well i don’t know where to start from 😀

I’ll start with saying that the external links from our websites pass some of our own juice to the website that they link to. That is not a bad thing at all, i love my juice being passed to websites like or to the websites that have similar content like mine e.g. : websites of the plugin authors that i review and promote on or a cool online tool that i use like Pingdom or

But i certainly don’t want my juice to go to “exterminate rats with this great new poison” website, only because the author has made a decent comment on one of my articles.

So I’ve created this simple yet effective plugin to keep the external links to the minimum.

What does this plugin do?

Remove links from comments plugin does only  two things.

1. It removes the Website field from the comments

2. It hides the the hyperlink under comment author box.

So all the future comments will not have the website field at all and you don’t have to worry about the comments that are already on your website as it will automatically hide them showing only the comment authors name as a plain text.

here are the screenshots :

No website field on future comments


Link below the authors name is just plain text now


The hyperlinks inside the actual comments are left unaffected !

remove links from comments

Download it here from

Remove links from comments – SOLVED

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