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Make money promoting products

How to make money from blog/website ?

The answer is very simple –  Make money promoting products !

Do you have a blog or a website? if yes than you can start making money today.

Make money promoting products

There are literally millions of products waiting to be promoted and sold. Using affiliate links you can start promoting those products and make money by collecting a percentage of each sale. Does it sound too simple? Well.. it is very simple, and that’s exactly why everyone is doing it.

If you wish to start monetizing a website  of your own  this way, than read on.

One of the the best ways to make money from your blog is to promote products that are related to your niche.  So for example, if you write about WordPress (like me) than find some WordPress products to sale, may it be plugins, themes, or services. There are only a few steps to take before you can endeavor into your own affiliate adventure.

Step one – Register as an affiliate

Visit and register as an affiliate so you can promote the products.

affiliate sign up 5 steps

The actual process consists of 5 easy steps. (username, password, domain name, etc)

Bare in mind that one thing  that you must have and operate is at least a single website (you can later use other means of promoting like PPC, AdSense, Overture, etc. but you still MUST HAVE a website/blog that identifies your business)

Step two – Find a product / merchant

Once you are verified and ready to go you should search for the products that u wish to promote on your website

Find a product merchant

Find a product/ merchant that is in some way related to your content.

Step three – Promote and make money !

Now this comes to your personal choice of methods. You can promote in three ways and each and everyone is effective in its own way.

1. You can make money promoting  merchant banners on our website as a part of your design.
Sidebar and footer are ideal places for small non intrusive banners.

2. You can make money by writing  articles about the merchant/product and including your affiliate link.
One of the ways is to write a review of a product or simply explain the benefits of purchasing such a product.

3. you can make money promoting the affiliate  links on Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, G+ etc.
Or you can combine all three methods and see what works out best for you.

So go ahead and start making some online income from your blog !


Make money promoting products

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