Remove Double Titles from WordPress.


Generally in the forums i  have come across many complaints about the double title issue in WordPress.

WordPress SEO Yoast – Double title in Google search

WooCommerce – Double title in Google search

And probably some more that i am unaware of.

Be it produced by using SEO YOAST plugin or WooCommerce,  the solution is simple and effective.

Here are the simple steps to follow in order to remove double titles:

1. Open your header.php file

2. locate this : tag starting with <title> and  ending with </title>

it can look pretty much different from theme to theme but usually you will find some code inside like this :

	<?php $the_title = wp_title('', false);
		if ($the_title != '') :
			echo wp_title('',false),' | '; bloginfo('name');
		else :
			if ($paged > 1) { echo ' - page '.$paged; } else { if ($blogdesc=get_bloginfo('description')) echo ' - '.$blogdesc; }
		endif; ?>

4. Replace everything  between <title> and </title> tags with this SIMPLE code

<title> <?php wp_title(''); ?> </title>

Et voila! You are all done.

Of course first make a copy of your header.php file before you do any changes to it just in case.

Make copy of ALL the files that u EVER modify if i must remind you .  ( just in case )

Remove Double Titles from WordPress. – SOLVED

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