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Hatom Plugin fixHave you seen those errors before?

Many WordPress users have been noticing those hatom errors in their Google webmaster tools.

By using Google structured data testing tool we can check if our page or post contains those errors.

How did those hatom-feed hatom-entry errors get here in the first place?

WordPress by default inserts hatom-entry, the problem is that not all of the wp theme developers follow the lead, in the sense that they do not insert correct markup that the hentry mentioned above requires.

the correct markup should have:




So as a result of that we have the incomplete markup, hence the errors are popping up.

If you are interested in how you can fix those errors by yourself i have published a hentry tutorial . If you however don’t want to waste your time on it i have created a WordPress fix in the form of plugin.

Hatom Plugin – WordPress solution


My humble Wp hentry fix plugin will do two things in order to remove the errors.

1. It will first remove the hentry that is being inserted by WordPress.

2. It will dynamically pull out all the needed markup fields and than place them bellow your content and than visually hide them using SEO friendly method.

Some empty space will be inserted under your content. ( Google needs this markup to be on the page so we cannot use css to hide it completely)

And that is all we need in order to eliminate those hentry errors.

You can download the “Hatom fix by Fivera”  plugin from the Gumroad service for the fair price of only 10$


After the instal just activate it and clear your cache ( if you are using any cache plugins)

*notice – hatom plugin has been tested up to WordPress version 4.5.3 and should work properly with the majority of the themes out there. However, if you encounter any problems feel free to contact me using the form on the website or by sending me an email to info@fivera.net.

I will be happy to help you find an alternative solution.

You may use the plugin for all of your personal websites with a single purchase.

Hentry | Hatom Plugin – WordPress Fix by Fivera

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