Hack Notification Plugin for WordPress 

Hack Notification Plugin for WordPress

One of the methods to determine if your site has been hacked is to look at changes in your server files. That, though, is very time consuming if you do it manually.

If you use WordPress , there is  an automated tool that detects changes to files, try File Monitor Plus – free WordPress Plugin.

Hack notification plugin Features :

  • Monitors file system for added/deleted/changed files
  • Sends email when a change is detected
  • Administration area alert to notify you of changes in case email is not received
  • Ability to monitor files for changes based on file hash, time stamp and/or file size
  • Ability to exclude files and directories from scan (for instance if you use a caching system that stores its files within the monitored zone)
  • Site URL included in notification email in case plugin is in use on multiple sites
  • Ability to run the file checking via an external cron so not to slow down visits to your website and to give greater flexibility over scheduling
  • Ability to set file extension to be ignored or only scanned.
  • Multisite support.

File Monitor Plus is a WordPress plugin that scans the files on your server on a schedule set by you, and notifies you if any modifications, additions, or deletions have been made to those files. That should give you prompt warning of any trouble. The check can be as simple as comparing file size or date modified, or as involved as looking at the file hash.

You can set the plugin to notify you by email, your WordPress dashboard or both.

Changing files isn’t the only way a hacker can attack your site, but File Monitor Plus is simple to set up if you’re worried about your WordPresss website security.

so here is the Hack Notification Plugin for WordPress :

file monitor plus

WordPress File Monitor Plus

Monitor your website for added/changed/deleted files

By Scott Cariss

Which tools do you use to protect your site?

Hack Notification Plugin for WordPress

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