Referral Spam Websites List

What is referral spam – Is this spam dangerous ?

Referral spam is just spam and it is quite annoying but not particularly dangerous or harmful to your website.

The referral spam hits that your website receives are harmless but every visit is exactly ZERO seconds and gives 100% bounce rate. This means that your GA stats appear lower than they actually are and that is kinda.. bad isn’t it? – Especially when you are generating reports for your clients 😛

How to remove referrer spam?

The best way to remove the referral spam is to filter the spam website in your Google Analytics account.

watch the video below on how to remove the spam websites and use the Referral Spam Websites List.

Referral Spam Websites List

Referral Spam Website List – Updated

Help me keep the referral spam websites list up to date !!

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If you have noticed some new referral spam websites in your GA recently that are not in the list, please leave a comment so i can update the referral spam websites list. Thank you.

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