Free online tool to check website speed and optimize your page

Free online tool to check website speed and optimize your page  

The web should be fast

At least that’s what Google said.

Since their algorithms use web page load time as a search ranking parameter, good tools for testing website speed play important role for SEO.

I will introduce some free web services that will help you run some speed tests on your website. Some of them will even give you free advice on how to optimize it. I’ve included the screenshots of my own tests below for each service, just click on the image and you will open the link to the tool in the new window.

Free website speed test online tools 


GTmetrix online tool

GT metrix online tool
GTmetrix uses Google Page Speed and YSlow to test your page performance and provides actionable advice to remove the issues. it even has a plugin for WordPress users.

check website speed with -Webpagetest online tool tool

Run a test from many locations  using different browsers and at realistic connection speeds. The results provide a lot of information including waterfall charts and some great advice.

PageSpeed Insights online tool

 page speed insights tool

Google developers PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of your webpage, then provides suggestions to make it faster. They also provide tools, API and chrome extension. It doesn’t get much better than that. Interesting thing is that if you use the chrome extension to analyze your page it provides a direct link to download the optimized images for your website and much more.

check website speed with Pingdom online tool

pingdom online tool

Pingdom provides the info about file sizes, load times, and other details about every single element of your page. Combined with Google page speed its the ultimate tool. You can test your website from 3 servers, two in the United states and one in Amsterdam in Europe.

There are for sure many more free online tools to check your website speed but i focused on those four as they cover everything i personally need. Go check them out and improve your website speed!

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