This first step is actually the most important one, as it involves a solid understanding of the client or the company it is created for.

It involves a good understanding of You – what your business goals and dreams are, and how the web can be utilized to help you achieve those goals.

In this first step of the website design process YOU as a client have to answer as many questions as you can so I as a developer can get a clear idea of what would be the best solution.

Some of the questions asked would more or less look like the ones below:

What is the purpose of the site?

What do you hope to accomplish by building this web site?

Is there a specific group of people that will help you reach your goals?

What kind of information will the target audience be looking for on your site?

Those are just examples of multi questions that we have to go trough. This is the Alpha of everything. The more information you provide the better will i understand your idea and needs. In return i will have a lots of material to work with and convert your idea to a website that best suits your needs.


Once i have gathered enough information, I will let my creativity and knowledge work on the idea and  find the best possible way of converting the information gathered into visual concept using latest web practises and technologies.

I am quite transparent in my work and if i think that something is not the best option expect me to point it out at this stage of the project.

Once the concept is ready it’s time to determine the look and feel of your website and give it a visual form.


After the ideas start to take their visual form i will create an online testing environment.

This is where you see the live project on my test servers and we work on revisions and polish the design and layout.

You should actively participate and help me visually achieve what you expect from the feel and look of the website.

Once the final design is in its place i pro-actively test each and every aspect of the website. From contact forms and scripts to cross browser experience and responsive views on phones and tablet devices.

Once that is all completed it is time for the next and final step.


Once we have reached this stage of the development, your website is 100% ready to go live and bear the fruits of your invested time and money.

I will either transfer the website to your own hosting ( if you provide the technical details or connect me with your webmaster)  or place it on my own hosting server where i can make sure that everything is always up to date and secured.

Bare in mind that as with the real physical businesses your online business needs attention and maintenance as well – in order to be a successful one.

Our relationship doesn’t stop here though as i will stand at your service whenever you might need me.

I only use the most popular and trustworthy software & tools for website building and marketing

E-commerce plugin for WordPress
godaddy domain names
hostgator hosting


When choosing a company or individual to develop and host your website, it’s crucial that only industry standard software and tools are used. Because anything less can have a consequence to both performance and security.

Let’s Create Something Beautiful Together

I’m not into hierarchy and don’t have any unnecessary middle management, paperwork or processes

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Nikola Petrovic
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Nikola Petrovic

Hi there. My name is Nikola,
I speak English, Greek and Serbian.
As a Web Producer i can deal with almost anything web design & development related.
As a freelancer, I charge only a small portion of the money you would pay to agencies to create your website. Affordable web design doesn’t mean that it will lack any of the advanced features of today’s web technology. We just cut out the cost of the middle man.
Feel free to request a free quote using the form on the right or the one bellow.
Nikola Petrovic
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