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Facebook interview with the man that hacked it 

Facebook interview with the man that hacked it

Some time ago i covered an interesting topic, i wrote an article about After being ignored, Hacker posted on Mark Zuckerberg’s Wall. Explaining the Facebook trouble of this great guy.
Today i will write a follow up on this topic, as i had the chance to make a Facebook interview with the man himself – the man who made Facebook look like a fool, Khalil Shreateh,

Here is the actual conversation we had on Facebook

Facebook interview with the man that hacked it

Nikola Petrovic: Respect khalil ! i was among the first people to write about your trouble with facebook !
the post is still on my website and it had around 7000 views

Ḱhalil: Nikola Petrovic thank you , i released my second fb exploit for media you can check it

Nikola Petrovic: Ill be glad to write another post, sharing this with my readers. Keep up with what you do !

khalil: take a mention of a 2 way verification facebook log in method , there is a new high level exploit that can hack users accounts . users should be warned .

(after reading the post)

Nikola Petrovic: Ḱhalil at least they paid this time, good job ! Facebook learned a lesson. I sure will !

Khalil: actually they paid after they fixed themself , they add new input details for their whitehat report page , also changed the way that facebook security member use to reply back to the report , now they start reply back in personal

Nikola Petrovic: One more time, this is thanks to you, may i ask one question?
if you could go back in time and have a same choice, would you do it again?
I mean, would you post to Mark’s Wall again?

Khalil: same choice !! that is funny question man , i was having no any choices to take . facebook security team actions forced me to post to mark’s timeline

Nikola Petrovic: Respect ! and if they do it again, i mean treat you the same way, will you make them look like… fools again?

Ḱhalil: i will not hesitate to do such actions , as it is the only way to protect facebook users , i have a lot of friends here , no one want to be hurt even with fake facebook nicknames

Nikola Petrovic: Spoken like a true ethical hacker !
You realize that i am asking this because i would love to mention it in my article, i hope you are ok with that? One last question, i heard that people were gathering money for you, feeling that the Facebook was unfair, is this true?
did you receive any money ? or it was just a story..

Ḱhalil: ops !! you should make that a questions via PM , not in comments . any way that was true and i thank
marc maiffret , also sharing love with every one who donated

Nikola Petrovic: heheh, its not really a secret, the whole world was talking about it
at least the world we belong to
money raising was a great thing, proving there are people that care about justice in this world.
Thank you for your time , and ill make sure to post the new exploits that you mentioned in my article.
you have inspired many of us, proving that the corporations are not stronger than human beings !
we will keep in touch, best regards from Serbia !

Ḱhalil: yeah that is true , for now i can say good night

Facebook interview with the man that hacked it 

Here are the screenshots of the actual conversation



Despite the obvious language barrier, one can understand the true heart of this great Palestinian guy. all i can say is..  RESPECT!

Facebook interview with the man that hacked it 

So as per Khalid’s request here is the link to the newest exploit he has found.

read it on his blog here http://khalil-shreateh.com/facebook-vulnerability-oct-2013-eng/

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