Custom css on each WordPress page or post

css plus plugin

To put it simply CSS Plus is a plugin that adds a css editor in all posts, pages and custom posts.

This means that we can have total control over the looks of each and every post and page without the hustle of adding separate style sheets or editing the existing ones.

Easy plugin installation

No setup screens.Once installed you can use it directly in the editor screen. Stop being a hostage of specific template pages, save time and take full control over your css.

How does the styling of each post or page works

If you want to make minor css changes to your single post or page all you have to do is locate the selector and style it directly from the WordPress editor. Css plus adds a custom field below your post in the editor, all you have to do is work you magic and save it.

custom css box

To expand it even further you can use div classes in your posts and than edit them on the same page. For example, sometimes i want to put some text in the different background. normaly i would inline that style inside the div element, to me this looks and feels messy. What we can do now is easily assign a class to the div and style it directly from the editor. This is what our html ( using text editor in WordPress) would look like:

<div class="bluebackground"> some content here </div>

and than we can use that selector to style it using the custom field provided by the plugin, like the example below

Example of custom css for our own selector
custom style for blue background
this will output :

some content here


And that saves us a lot of time. Beside creating your own specific page selector you can target any existing selector as well.
best practice is to use “inspect element” in your browser and find the one that you want to customize without impacting that selector on any other page than the current one. Pretty neat plugin and a big time saver,  i recommend it to everyone.

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