css Smiley  – Editable Example

css3 Buttons - Editable Example

Hello CSS lovers , today i will be sharing an editable example of  a smiley face made using only pure CSS and no images at all.

I stumbled upon this cool css example somewhere on my internet explorations.

Css smiley image

css Smiley - Editable Example


This is an image of a smiley above, and below is the same smiley made with css only.

css Smiley – Editable Example

 Smiley face example below is hosted on codepen,  feel free to play with it.

Check out this Pen!

Using only css to create images is cool, right?

You can copy/paste the code and include it in your own websites.

original idea by  c.bavota  go check him out, he knows things 😀

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Nikola fivera Petrovic
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