Create a Random Post Button - CSS and Function Live Example.

Create a Random Post Button – CSS and Function Live Example.

Today we will create  “random post button” for your WordPress website.

All around the net there are code snippets to create  random post on button click. I’ve decided to expand it a little bit and show you the function code together with css and html code for your button, you can simply copy / paste it. There is already a button below each of my posts that does exactly what we want to create here. On each click it takes you to a different random post from my website, feel free to try it out after reading this article.

Snippet for creating random post 307 redirect

Lets start with this snippet that you will insert into your functions.php file.

This will basically serve the random post to anyone that clicks the button. Sounds simple doesn’t  it.

Here is the code:

function fivera_explore_button() {
       global $wp;
       add_rewrite_rule('random/?$', 'index.php?random=1', 'top');

function random_template() {
       if (get_query_var('random') == 1) {
               $posts = get_posts('post_type=post&orderby=rand&numberposts=1');
               foreach($posts as $post) {
                       $link = get_permalink($post);

And that’s all for the WordPress part.

Css and html code for your “explore” button

Here we have cool CSS button to use in our posts. all you need to do is copy the css to your style.css

Check out this Pen!

Of course modify the HTML code  to match your own domain.

according to some people there are two ways you can use the html, the one above and the other one below

The good thing is that you can play with CSS directly on codepen  to first suit it to your needs and than copy it to your style sheet.

*notice for Create a Random Post Button – CSS and Function Live Example.

If you are using W3 Total Cache with database caching on, then add the following rules in the exclusion list.


If you are using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin, make sure you don’t have  “Redirect Ugly URLs” on.


 Create a Random Post Button – Solved

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