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How to Build a Self-hosted WordPress Site for Free ?

In order to get our  WordPress Website running we always need only three things.

Domain nameHosting and WordPress 

Except for the last one the other two can prove to  be rather expensive.

In this article i will cover  three topics on how to :

#1 Register a free top level domain name. (ccTLD)

#2 Get free hosting with c-panel and SQL.

#3 Set up Domain and Hosting for a fresh WordPress installation.


Live example of my free Self-Hosted WordPress site can be found HERE


#1. How to Register a free top level domain name ?

Internet is full of so called “free domains” , but in reality most of  them are just sub-domains.

What is a top level domain you may ask.

[quote]A top-level domain (TLD) is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet.The top-level domain names are installed in the root zone of the name space.For example, in the domain name www.example.com, the top-level domain is com –source Wikipedia.[/quote]

  Somewhere in  New Zealand there is this beautiful fishing oriented country called Tokelau.


Now what that has to do with my domain u may wonder?

wordpress site for free

Tokelau allows any individual to register domain names. Users and small businesses may register up to three domain names free of charge, ill type it again . . . FREE OF CHARGE !

So let’s head to their website and register a top level free domain !

Register free domain link

Or wait, before that just read the whole thing first.

#2. How to Get free hosting with c-panel ?

What is important here is that we choose hosting that is free,  has no advertising and that has options allowing us to install SQL Database for our WordPress website.

My preferable choice was 000Webhost  ($0.00 webhost)

This is what they offer:

*1500 MB of disk space
* 100 GB of data transfer
* PHP and MySQL support with no restrictions
* cPanel control panel
* Website Builder
* Absolutely no advertising! 

It was good enough for me.

Get free hosting link

wordpress site for free

#3. How to Set up Domain and Hosting for a fresh WordPress installation ?

Nope, i am not going to write about WordPress installation process.

That topic has been covered in almost every single website that has similar content like mine. If u are still in doubt,  after finishing reading this article just Google it.

Instead,  i am going to walk you trough actual setup of your newly acquired domain name and host so you can install WordPress as you would  normally do.

First things first, in order to come to the WordPress installation part it is necessary to set up the name servers on our domain and host.

ill guide you trough …


wordpress site for free

1.lets register a domain fist

visit this link Register free domain link

Think of a nice name for your new .tk domain and register it.

My Dot TK

It will ask  if you wish to  forward the domain or use your own  DNS – check the picture

Now you have to go one step into future and set up name servers of the hosting you still don’t have !

Have no worries here are the name servers for you



And that’s all for the domain name part.


wordpress site for free

2. Now lets set up the hosting.

visit this link  Get free hosting link

get free hosting

Type in your new .tk domain and register.

Now,  if you followed the steps on domain registration correctly,go and type  your new domain address in your browser and  it will show you this.

Welcome to fivera.tk

That means  all is as it’s supposed to be.

And that’s it for the Hosting part.

wordpress site for free


3. final part is to install WordPress

If you don’t know how to do that, luckily for you, this hosting includes one click installer.

Its located in the c-panel and its called Fantastico Autoinstaler.



from there on its all self explanatory.

and that’s how to . . .

Create a Self-hosted WordPress Site for Free

* notice – Free hosting can never be as good as paid hosting !!

If you need a reliable hosting check this article :
 Great hosting solution

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