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Create a child theme in seconds

Create a child theme in seconds

We all know that  we  shouldn’t modify CSS of any downloaded themes because if we update the theme, our changes will be destroyed.What we should do instead is create a child theme and edit the CSS there.

Creating a child theme has been explained over and over again on many blogs and I will not focus on that here.

What i will do instead  is introduce this great plugin which excludes the need for C-Panel or FTP Access – Perfect for shared hosts  and  of course big time saver.

This  plugin will automatically create a folder for your child theme based on the name you gave it, and a basic style.css file with a short information header and the needed 



 rule already included in it. It will even automatically activate your new child theme. it will literally create a child theme in seconds !


One-Click Child Theme

Adds a Theme option to any active theme allowing you to make a child theme

allows you to easily create child themes from any theme just by clicking.

by tychay | Visit plugin site  –Free WP plugin !



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Ken Gitahi
Ken Gitahi

too bad that when i need to create a child header.php file i will still need to go into ftp or cpanel.