Convert html website into a fully functional WordPress theme

Convert html website into a fully functional wordpress theme

html to wordpress theme converter

Have you ever come up with an idea to turn your HTML site into WordPress theme ?

Well, you came to the right place than 🙂

Web designers all over the internet  offer Html to WordPress service for a  price range anywhere from 100 to 700 $, which is a fair price considering the amount of hours needed to re-code and make a functional  WordPress theme from your HTML. The only problem here is the amount of time they need.

Now you can convert html website into a fully functional WordPress theme in seconds !!

This online service will convert your Html site to a fully functional WordPress theme in just a few clicks!

It will take images, styles and layout from your existing website and convert them  into an optimized WordPress Theme.

HTML to WordPress online converter.

This online service is Perfect for:

Designers – Offer WordPress themes to your clients faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before. No WordPress experience required.

Re-sellers – Create WordPress themes quickly and cheaply using this online service, and then sell them for profit to customers in need of  HTML to WordPress conversions.

Start ups – Bootstrap your blog so it matches perfectly your landing page in seconds. Don’t waste your precious time creating a custom WordPress theme!

Established Business – Add a blog matching exactly the style of your existing website without doing a redesign! It will help you quickly integrate a blog to your website, leading to increased sales and traffic.

Even if you have the skills to develop WordPress themes by yourself, this service was created to save you precious time!

convert html site to WordPress theme in just a few clicks !

without further ado here is the link for you :

Convert html website into a fully functional WordPress theme

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