Do you want to make extra income by completing simple tasks ?

Mechanical Turk:  Guide on  how to Make Money on Mturk website.

Although not without its flaws, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is an ingenious platform for crowdsourcing large volumes of simple tasks to human workers.

make money on mturk

One of the top websites around that pays  for your work is Mechanical Turk – though it can be insignificant  for some people across the world. But if u can spare a few hours of your time to work on some  HITs it will be worth it.

Great thing about Mturk is that there is no fixed time that you should allot to work. You’re your own boss . Plus no phone calls to make or to respond emails. Any time of the day you can log on to your account and do your work, but depends a lot  on the type of HITs  that are available at that point of time.

Part-time Income expectations :

For part-time workers Mturk is really fun ,  plan on spending 1-2 hours per day  and a bit more  at weekends. Also on weekends the numbers of  HITs also goes up. Target of  100 USD for the first month is a realistic start.

5  Easy Points to Keep in Mind and Make Money on Mturk

  1. If it’s your first month consider doing HITs which pay less i.e. 1 or 2 cents. Some HITs are adequately priced even at 1 cent such as a requester might tell you to type an 8-digit number from an image in to the form.
  2. As your experience grows try doing only HITs that pay more than one cent. Avoid task which you feel are inappropriately priced. This time your target should be to at least to make three dollars for every work of hour.
  3. Beware of scammers. HITs which require to signup or ask for personal details should be completed avoided. The task which pay exorbitant reward should also be shunned as they are most probably by scam requester.
  4. Read the Help section and understand which types of HITs are genuine. Task which require creating accounts on third party sites also violate the policies of Mturk; even if the requester pays adequately and promptly. Report HITs that are against the terms and conditions of MTurk from the link “violates the Amazon Mechanical Turk Policies”.
  5. Never try to scam Mturk by creating more than one account for a person. Creating more than one account will lead to closing of all accounts and all the earnings will be forfeited. No further explanations are provided. Even though it’s not mandatory but operate a single account from a house or IP address; it creates confusion among the fraud detection department of MTurk which may lead to cancellation of accounts.

By keeping the above mentioned points in your mind you can  make the most of your free time and earn some money.

Happy Turking!

Here is the link to mturk website :

Make Money on Mturk

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