box shadow CSS examples

Box shadow CSS Examples and Editor

Before i start i would like to introduce you to my dear friend Codepen

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Now lets get back to the Box shadow property.

Definition and Usage

The box-shadow property attaches one or more drop-shadows to the box.

The box-shadow property is supported in IE9+Firefox 4ChromeOpera, and Safari 5.1.1.

box shadow CSS examples

Here are some examples made with box shadow property

Feel free to play with them and learn on Codepen.


Classic box shadow

This is a classic example of box shadow property.

Check out this Pen!


Advanced box shadow

In this example you can see that we can use box shadow property to make realistic shadows like in Photoshop.

Check out this Pen!


Stylized box shadow

As you can see in the example below we can use box shadow in many different ways

Check out this Pen!


So go ahead,  Fork those examples on codepen and start making your own.

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