Nikola (Fivera) Petrovic – Convergent Thinker and Your Problem Solver

Nikola PetrovicWeb Expert
I would describe myself simply as a determined and intuitive person. Born on 1982 in Serbia, after many travels and struggles I am now enjoying life in my home town of Aleksinac. I’am a proud father of two extraordinary boys and a happily married man.

Web Design Skills

I have been into web design for the last 10+ years.
After working for various agencies and companies I have decided to take a lone wolf path as a Freelancer but I still actively collaborate with agencies across the globe.
I enjoy building websites on WordPress platform but i can work on any other platforms as well.
WordPress 96%
Graphic Design 86%
Custom Coding 79%

SEO Skills

I have spent a last couple of years as an SEO executive and SEO consultant working on 4 continents.
Specialized in on-page SEO I wear a pointy Google-Wizard White-Hat and help various small and medium-sized businesses rank well in the search engines.
I enjoy working with Google and Yahoo SE.
Technical SEO 95%
On Page SEO 93%
Off Page SEO 85%
Social Media 82%

I can speak English, Serbian and Greek so feel free to start a conversation with me in any of those languages.

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